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Psychotherapy & Counselling

Two modalities that are constantly overlapping



​Psychotherapy and counselling tend to overlap but there are also differences. Psychotherapy is a confidential* and non-judgemental space that focuses on a greater extent on pursuing the change in the personality or self through a deeper level of consideration. With this kind of deep contemplation accompanies longer duration of therapy as working therapeutically with the conscious and unconscious can change the needs of the client that are dependent on the circumstances and contexts of what's being explored and discussed. Psychotherapy assists individuals achieve a better understanding of self and change enduring patterns of behaviour that may be causing disruptions in relationships, work, study and other areas of life. 


Life can get difficult, and a little help from a Perth based professional Psychotherapist can help make things better. At Mariposa Psychotherapy and Counselling, we care about your well-being and will provide a non-judgemental space where we provide you with tools to seize the day and learn how to confront even the most traumatic circumstances.


*Confidentiality is limited when there are safety concerns regarding the client or others.


Counselling is a safe and confidential* space that focuses on developing and improving your capacity to cope with specific life challenges such as relationship endings, grief, bereavement, and anxiety. Furthermore, counselling praises itself on its empathic nature of working to reduce distress, resolve a crisis, develop goals for change, and enhance your well being. Counselling helps with problem-solving and creating inner resources to move forward with life in meaningful ways. Duration of counselling sessions can be viewed as a short term, although this varies from case to case.

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